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“The Perfect Setup” for long-term bikepacking is a hard one to find. There’s a million different ways to build the dream freedom machine, but what really works? What is tried and tested, and what can I afford. The essence of what we truly want, is time on the road. More time exploring our beautiful planet.

My findings have left me very confused, but with some helpful information. You don’t need to spend much to have something decent, durable and adaptable for 4 seasons. There always seems to be a dirtbag way to bump a 3 season system into 4 season, or haul an extra 4 days food, or water with some creativity.
Each system, and style has merits and disadvantages regarding weight, capacity and adaptability. Each has an emphasis on long-term journeys abroad.

*See gear list page for updates on what i’m carrying



Too much pushing in Bolivia lead to a revision, losing space, and losing unessential gear. I have revised my sleep system, changed my tent, removed racks, and still managed an adequate amount of useable space. I saved myself about 5kg total with some amendments, which was about 1/5 of my total weight on the bike before.
For any future trips, this is my go to set up. I can manage 6-8 days food, 8L water and survive 4 season weather.


  • Revelate Viscacha 14L (i’d get the removable drysack one next time)
  • DIY Roll Top Frame Bag 14L
  • Hydraulic Dry Sack (with Harness) 35L  (emergency backpack)
  • S2S Medium Compression Drysack (handlebar roll)
  • Handlebar S2S Red Drysack 4L
  • Home made snack pouches (roughly) 2x1L
  • Top tube bag 1L
  • S2S Nanosil Backpack 15L
  • Fork Mounted Drysacks 2x5L

Total: = 79L
Backpack 15L
Water = 6L + 2L Bladder


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11 months 2018-2019: Fully loaded with 18 days food for Los Seis Miles Sur


September 2018 – August 2019

The Funk Trunk set up lasted me the best part of 11 months, starting in winter, Patagonia September 2018, all the way till August 2019. Mostly home-made DIY bags, designed for adaptability and the unexpected on a budget. It was so damn great, and I miss it, though I’m thankful for being a little lighter now in Peru, when days climbing usually exceed 2000m.

The Funk Trunk on the front, expands 40-50L. Home made DIY from 1000d Cordura, beeswaxed. Supported by a Tubus Logo Evo rack, I had a plate welded up to secure it a little better, but it was pretty heavy.

For long term 4 season touring It was an incredible system that perfectly balanced the need for convenience and space for the long haul, though a little heavy I think having at least one rack is a great thing for long-term bike packing. 

Notable Mentions: Capacity to carry 12L water and 18 Days food for both sections of the Ruta Los Seis Miles, in NW Argentina and Chile.

Handling was actually quite good due to wide handlebars and big 3″ tyres


  • Revelate Viscacha 14L (i’d get something with a removable dry sack next time)
  • DIY Roll Top Frame Bag 14L
  • Funk Trunk (Roughly) 45L
  • S2S Red Drysack 4L
  • Home made snack pouches (roughly) 2x1L
  • Backpack (rarely used) 35L
  • Possible water Storage 12LTotal= 89L
    Backpack =35L
    Water = 12L

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