Australia Trip

It was now our third visit to Tasmania in less than three years. I had really been struggling to come up with a definition of where I considered home at the time. I had friends all over Australia now, but for the past year or so, i had been pretty transient, always on the move.
Home was my truck, but what ever definition of home i had concocted in my rambling mind. (My google search for a definition reveals three, one of which fitting what was bouncing around in my brain. A place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates)

I felt like home was on the clear granite sand beaches, under the shadow of the dolerite mountains, breathing the fresh air of the Fagus. I felt at home in Tasmania. The only things missing were my buddies from home.

After arriving and catching up with some good friends at our pre-season guide training, we went for a hike in the incredible Walls of Jerusalem National Park. Located in the heart of Tasmania in the Wilderness World Heritage area, it is the only National park purely accessible by walking trails. The way it will hopefully remain for all eternity.
Snow still covering many of the mountains after a recent dump, it was probably the most beautiful setting I had ever seen.

Before too long we knew living only out of Clover was going to become a really epic ordeal if we were both to try work full time alternating 4-6 day shifts.
Annie purchased Winnie and that made our lives a bit easier.

Through friends we met an incredible fellow named Linton, who offered us residence on an ancient train carriage on his parents property, nestled on the edge of the Western Tiers in Meander. Eventually we checked it out. It was a dream come true. BYO power system, exactly what we needed. A little place to nest and call our own. A place we could cook good food. Have friends around. Read books all day and plan the next chapter of our lives.